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Dr. Anna Ehmsen

Dr. Anna Ehmsen is an expat psychologist registered with the Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP) and she is passionate about using her expertise and international experience to help expats live happier abroad.


Anna has over six years work experience and a doctorate in psychology focusing on positive psychology and mindfulness.

She grew up as an expat child, has been an expat partner and lived in Australia, India, South Africa, USA, France, The Netherlands and Germany so that she has personally experienced the challenges around living abroad.

More info about Dr. Anna Ehmsen at:

Elevate impact

Elevate impact workshop

A series of 3 workshops for personal awareness and empowerment/elevation.

This serie of workshops is offered to you by our member Ralu Nistor - Lustermans, together with her friend and coach Roberta Pagliarulo

    • Session 1: 14th of March 20:00 - 21:00
      Becoming aware of the stories we tell ourselves

    • Session 2: 4th of April 20:00 - 21:00
      Identify our feelings and needs, self-compassion

    • Session 3: 11th of April 20:00 - 21:00
      Communicate and connect with nonviolent language

    This series of sessions aim to:

    • Raise awareness of our self-stories, narratives and their impact on our behaviours and outcomes, results. We
      will explore what impacts our stories and how our stories impact on our behaviours and outcomes.
    • Becoming more aware of our feelings and needs, so that we can develop self-compassion and enhance our
      communication with self and others.
    • Challenge to chance the way we communicate and connect with others, by using a nonviolent language
      which includes expressing needs and feelings.

    You can sign up now by registering for the webinars using this event link. Or by sending an email to

    Please sign in separately for each date. Registration deadline is one day before the webinars!

    It is advisable to follow all 3 sessions, to reach a higher impact.
    After signing up, you will receive more detailed information and the link to the online event.

    Questions about the workshops or signing in? Please contact Ralu by email!

    The workshops are exclusive for members of the IWCE.

    Ralu Nistor - Lustermans
    Roberta Pagliarulo

    Ralu Nistor-Lustermans is a change agent who believes in a world in which we learn to celebrate what makes each of us unique and to accept our diversities as a source of new perspectives that enables us to be the best we can be.
    In the last two decades Ralu lived and worked in 6 different countries in Europe. The international and multicultural life and work experiences gave her the great opportunities to challenge herself and the status quo many times, to find new ways of delivering more effective results and having impact.

    Ralu has a degree in Mathematics and Informatics and a couple of Masters on various topics (Applied Statistics, E-Business & E-Governance, Corporate Governance and Business Ethics). Her corporate experience is in Internal Audit, and she also specialised in Coaching, Applied Neuroscience, NLP and Lumina Spark psychometrics.

    Ralu founded ERNL - Business consultancy and coaching. ERNL works with individuals, teams and organisations who challenge the status quo and embark on a change journey which requires new ways of thinking and behaving to move from where they are to where they want to be.

    More info about Ralu and ERNL services at: and on LinkedIn

    Roberta Pagliarulo is an Italian executive and team coach specialised in ontological
    coaching and Applied Neuroscience. Roberta has been coaching in her business since 2011. As an ontological coach she believes that in our language and in our conversations, we find the key to understanding how we are made, what the causes of our difficulties are, and how to create more effective relationships with ourselves and others.

    Roberta is also a trainer, supervisor and mentor for ICF certification coaching programs in Italy and Asia as well as a ICF PCC coach.

    Her mission is to help her client to live the life they want to belong to, find their inner motivation and balance among body, mind and emotions.

    She travels all over the world as an international speaker and corporate coach to deliver her message.

    More information about Roberta and her work and services at:
    and on LinkedIn.

    Voting in the Netherlands

    “Voting is not only our right but our duty as well”. This saying goes a long way as it explains to us that we have responsibilities as residents of the city and as citizens of the country. To make your vote count, it is important to make an informed decision and recognise the different issues that are addressed by different parties.

    As an expat, do you wonder whether you can vote or not? How does the city council work, how can you choose your local politician? Why is it important to vote in the Municipal Council Elections?

    Miriam and Elena will answer to this and many more questions during the online presentation on Wednesday 23 February, at 13:30. 

    More details can be found in the email invite that was sent to all IWCE members.

    The presenters, Miriam Frosi and Elena Digirolamo:

    Miriam Frosi
    Elena Digirolamo

    Miriam Frosi was born in Milan, Italy. In 2001, she moved to Eindhoven where she lives with her husband and her sons. She is an innovation manager at the ministery of Infrastructure and councilor for the CDA party in Eindhoven. She is a networker and loves being and listening to the
    people, she has always been curious to meet and learn from other cultures.

    More and more Internationals (expats, students, immigrants or refugees) are coming to live in our city. Miriam's platform, the International digital cafe feel home in Eindhoven, gives (new) citizens an informal meeting place.
    In this way we can make our city more nicer and improve social cohesion, connecting locals to Internationals.

    Elena Digirolamo was born in Milan, Italy, ametropolis, just like Eindhoven.

    She moved to Eindhoven in 2002, to start a life with her Dutch husband. After 20 years she still enjoys the living in this expanding city. Elena has been very active in the international community for the last 10 years. She has a technical
    background (mater in Physics) and a broad experience in small and large businesses. In the last years she focussed on coaching and personal development.

    Since 2017 she is politically active for the local chapter of a national party. She thinks it is her duty to contribute on local topics.