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A board for the IWCE? That sounds so official and formal, yet it's an important part of the club. Every two years, the board is elected by the general membership, and our role is to govern and represent the club and its members. Being on the IWCE Board involves behind-the-scenes repsonsibilities so the club functions smoothly and all members can enjoy our community. We are here for you!

Our club is registered at the Chamber of Commerce as an association, called a vereniging in Dutch. With that status, we must follow certain laws and regulations. To maintain a financially healthy club guaranteed to continue in the future, we must manage the budget and make informed long-term plans. We organise and attend events, communicate with SIG leaders and Area Representatives, maintain our website and social media and welcome members when they join. Within the board we strive to have fun together while we get the job done.

We look forward to meeting you at an upcoming monthly meeting or club event!

Heidi Los-Vis


I was born and raised in the Netherlands, and after living in Austria and the USA, I was looking for an international group of friends while living in my home country again. The IWCE was the perfect match.

I prefer to organise activities, which is why I enjoy being on the board. Getting things done together with a lovely group of women is so much fun for me.

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Clare Smears


I come originally from the UK and I arrived in the Netherlands 7 years ago after living in Grenoble, France for over 23 years.

I connected with the IWCE and enjoyed a previous 4-year term as Treasurer. This was such a positive experience–working in a team and getting to know members through club activities–that I am very happy to rejoin the board for another term! I look forward to meeting you soon.

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Sarit Wiener

Hospitality Coordinator

I was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. I moved to Connecticut, USA, 25 years ago, where my husband and I raised our kids. We moved to Eindhoven last year which allows me to focus on new adventures, people and cultures while exploring a new chapter in my/our life.

I love working with strong women and enjoy supporting and gaining new perspectives on different issues we all encounter. I am excited to get to know our new members and hope new friendships will continue to bloom in this great organization.

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Maartje Kroesbergen

Vice President

Originally Dutch, born and raised in the Randstad, we lived in southern Germany for 10 years with our kids. In 2022 we moved back to the Netherlands, but Eindhoven was for us a new area, so I searched for an international women's group and found the IWCE.

I am enthusiastic and love meeting people from different countries. I was president of a women’s group in Germany, and as I loved it then, I decided to join this great board.

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Linda Schlimbach

Membership Coordinator

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. As a physical therapist, I worked for almost 15 years in Germany. After being an expat for many years in Hamburg, Germany, where my children were born, and after five years in California, USA, we repatriated to the Netherlands two years ago. I missed the International community and connected with the IWCE, where I became a board member as an hospitality coordinator last year. This year, I am in charge of hospitality and membership. I hope to meet and connect with you.

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Kara Frost

Newsletter & Handbook Editor

I'm originally from the United States and moved to Eindhoven in 2021. I'm thrilled to have found this community of women who understand the importance of connection, especially in a new place.

I am an artist with a background in editing and design, so I will do my best to capture and share club news and activities in our publications.

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