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Are you new to Eindhoven and would you like to meet women from all over the world? The International Women's Club Eindhoven may be just what you are looking for!

We are a social club for international women living in the Eindhoven area. Our mission is to ease the transition for newcomers to Eindhoven and we have been welcoming them for more than 50 years.

Our club has about 150 members from over 40 nationalities, some have just arrived, others have lived in The Netherlands for over 30 years. People join our club for a variety of reasons: to learn more about Eindhoven and Dutch culture, to make new friends, to practice their English, to get acclimatised quickly and to join our vibrant expatriate community. IWCE is here to make Eindhoven feel smaller and more welcoming for you. We make it our mission to introduce you to the rich cultural diversity that this wonderful city has to offer.

Rabo ClubSupport

Rabo ClubSupport

Please vote for the IWCE if you have a RABOBANK account.

We encourage all of you to spread the news amongst your friends and relatives who might have a Rabobank account in Oost-Brabant. If you are eligible to vote you should have received a link from your bank. From 5-25 october.

For more information: https://www.rabobank.nl/leden/clubsupport

Thanks for your support!

IWCE Monthly Meetings - People laughing and talking - Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Monthly Meetings

Each month, from September to June, IWCE scouts out interesting and often highly original activities for our members, featuring guest speakers, workshops and outings.

These are perfect opportunities to spend time together and share new, exciting experiences.

IWCE Area Representatives - Welcome sign and a white teapot -  Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

Area Representatives

To help our members feel at home, we have Area Representatives in each area of the city of Eindhoven and the surrounding regions. An Area Rep is a contact point for the club members in her area. She welcomes the new members, introduces them to the other members in the same area, and invites them to get together. Area Reps can also answer any practical questions a member might have.

IWCE Giving Back - Love decor on the window -Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash

Giving Back

The IWCE also gives back to the wider community, organizing fundraising efforts, such as bake sales, raffles and the annual Winter Market. Once a year members help select the IWCE's charity of the year to which we donate the proceeds of our fundraising efforts. Additionally, we invite guest speakers from various charitable organisations to introduce themselves, promote their goals and share the ways members can give support.

IWCE Workshops for members

We have workshops scheduled for this season... Custom-designed meetings where we share knowledge and experience on a particular subject like writing, job search... stay tuned! We will announce them on our WORKSHOP section on this website or you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.


Next monthly meeting

Safe the date: October 21st 2021

We are very proud to invite you for our October Monthly meeting:

IWCE meets Dutch Design at Punt C on Sectie C

Our meeting will take place this next Thursday, October 21st from 10 - 12 am


Punt-C | Hal 10 first floor

Daalakkersweg 10-16, Eindhoven

Proud, as we are welcome at Sectie C being one of the hot spots of the worldwide known design event called, the DDW (Dutch Design Week).

Proud of bringing together our club members with great design work and designers. An unique chance and therefore we are very pleased inviting you.

Sign up

Signing up is needed for this meeting. Follow theclub's instructions you have received by email.

Please mention your name, and you will be added to the guest list.

Arrival time

You need to arrive between 9:45 and 10:15 am at the event room Punt C because before entering you have to show your QR code of the CoronaCheckApp, as our meeting is a seated event in an official DDW exhibition room. If ok, you will receive a wristband from Punt C. Please take into account the parking and location instructions below, bring your QR code and ID and arrive on time so you won’t miss this special general meeting!


10-11 am: coffee/tea & chat

There will be seats for approx. 30 people, others can and will have to stand. Note: the 1,5 metres distance rule doesn’t apply anymore!

11-12 am: presentations

The history and future of Sectie C. And some designers will present their work to us in a private setting and .

12 am - : end of meeting and on. We do have the option to stay at this DDW location if (and as long as) you wish. Keep in mind, once you leave the location Sectie C you can’t return unless you have the official DDW entry ticket of course. There will be several pop-up restaurants to enjoy lunch.

As the DDW is an official and paid event and Corona rules still apply, members who want to visit this general meeting need to follow and take into account the following instructions:

Corona Check App:

As said, due to corona measures Punt C will check your Corona QR code. So bring your ORcode and ID. Be aware that on the premises you may be checked again when you enter a seated event or restaurant.

Parking car/bike and location Punt C

Have a close look at the map of Sectie-C, that was provided by email. You may only park at the bright blue marked areas. Bikes may be parked before building 2. The walking route, about 5 minutes, to Punt C in Hall 10 is marked green. Arriving at building 10 you see the yellow Punt-C logo. As it is located on the first floor, you walk up the stairs, approx. 20 wide steps with good handrail. Unfortunately, there is no elevator.

TIP: you can also park at the Lidl opposite the main entrance of Sectie C!

Be aware that from 11 am onwards Sectie C closes for cars/bikes and is only accessible by foot and with a paid DDW ticket. As we start earlier, you don’t need a DDW admission ticket if you stay on Sectie C. Keep this in mind when leaving the site.

We hope you are as thrilled as we are about this great opportunity and special occasion. Don’t forget to sign in, by sending an email before Wednesday the 20th mentioning your name.

IWCE encourages you to visit more sites of the DDW. Buy your DDW tickets online to receive a discount.

We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at the next meeting!

Join us for our next event

Click on the button "Join Us," if you wish to get a taste of who we are (without obligation) by attending one of our monthly members’ meetings.

More info will follow … stay tuned!

There are other workshops and activities scheduled for this season. We will announce the events on our website or you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

You still haven't registered as a member of the IWCE? Join us! For more information about membership fees and how to become a member, please click on the button.


Most of the groups are now meeting online.

Through our daytime and evening activities, IWCE promotes networking and friendship between English speaking women from many different countries. Aside from our monthly general meetings featuring guest speakers, workshops and outings, IWCE members are also welcome to join Special Interest Groups (SIGs) — one of our most attractive characteristics. These groups meet during the day or evening to share their interests and passions. Our SIGs range widely from Choir to Film Group, Book Clubs to Italian Conversation, Gourmet Club, Walking Groups and so on (check the Activities and Groups to learn more).


Gather together, roll up your sleeves, and get something delicious done. A fun way to explore international cuisine.

A bite of happiness!

Book Club

A great way to stay connected with a community of like-minded readers while also expanding your understanding of what literature has to offer.

"Reading is a way for me to expand my mind, open my eyes, and fill up my heart "  Oprah Winfrey

Film  Group

Specifically designed for the Seventh Art lover.

Watch quality films and enjoy a post-movie chat.

Be part of something fun and share your passion.

Wellness & Beauty

We live at a time where beauty, health and wellness are rapidly converging in meaningful ways. A group to share these thoughts along with advice and tips on balancing life's daily stresses.


We have a location for our Winter Market!!
After last year’s online Winter Market we will be very happy to welcome you in person again at our festive event!
We look forward to seeing you there. And don’t be shy, bring your friends along.

Stay tuned for the latest news!!!


"It's so much easier to feel integrated and at home with people sharing similar stories." 

Susan (UK)

"Returning to the Netherlands was not so easy. I felt more like a 'world' citizen and the IWCE helped me to meet like-minded women." 

Corine (Netherlands)