Eat Well

Eat well workshop banner with a picture of the host, Nicole Cullinan and healthy food

Eat Well is our next workshop hosted by Nicole Cullinan - Saturday 20 March at 15.00 - The Spring Equinox


“I have found that eating ‘well’ is about holistic education, a grounded attitude, balanced sustainable approach.” - Nicole

Are you looking to live and eat more consciously?

Do you want to regain vitality, to look and feel amazing (at any age)?

Do you want answers and expert guidance to know what is a healthy diet for YOU?

Nicole has 20 years’ experience in the field of Alternative healthcare as a Homeopath and Functional medicine practitioner. She offers a unique, compassionate, and grounded perspective on Selfcare. She helps her clients decode the deluge of diet and nutrition information out there so that they can make informed decisions about their health and experience lasting health transformations. 

This workshop IS for you if

  • You have a chronic health problem that you think may be food related
  • You want to improve your diet and don’t know where to start
  • You have tried many diets and are still searching for the best approach
  • You are interested in health and wellness

This workshop is NOT for you if

  • You want rapid weight loss without being open to making lifestyle changes
  • You are looking for the latest in fad and extreme diets

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Complete a 3-day diary and get feedback from Nicole
  • Learn about the benefits of a ‘Rainbow, Biodiverse, Mediterranean’ Diet
  • Understand how to design your meals based on a ‘Balanced plate’
  • Discover the difference between inflammation and weight gain
  • Gain insight into why organic is the ‘cleanest’ produce
  • Learn from and with other participants
  • Create a healthy diet action plan

Send an email to if you are interested in joining the ‘Eat well’ workshop or if you would like more info about the next upcoming workshop ‘Sleep well’.

If you want to learn more about Nicole, find her online at and on social media Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn YouTube.

Wine tasting

IWCE online wine tasting

IWCE Wine Tasting- Saturday February 20th at 17:00

An online wine tasting for our members, hosted by Anja Vonderhoff from

As a very experienced vinologist, sommelier and wine teacher Anja will share her knowledge with us. She will give a presentation through Zoom about 4 different wines and also concentrates on the combination of wine with cheese and even chocolate.

You will be able to taste these wines at home and at the same time socialize and chat with other members. By the way, Partners are also welcome to join.

You will receive a Tasting kit that includes 4 small bottles and 3 bites of cheeses and chocolate.

A Tasting kit for 1 person costs €20,- . When you order 2 kits we can offer a discount and you pay €30,- for the 2.

Tasting kit can be picked up 2 days before the event. Details about the pick-up point will be sent to you after registration.

The online event will start at 17:00. Presentation about the wines will last about 60 minutes and there will be a fun Kahoot Quiz at the end.

For more information and registration, please send an email before February 10th to

Include in this mail: Your Name; email and number of kits.

To organize this event we need a minimum of 20 participants.

So sign in with other members and/or with your partner to learn, enjoy great wines, socialize and have a fun afternoon in a safe environment.

By ZOOM (Link will be shared with the participants) 

Creative writing

Writing workshop hosted by Meagan Macvie

An opportunity to connect online, learn writing techniques, and express your creativity.
Published author and IWCE member Meagan Macvie will host a one-week virtual Creative Writing Workshop starting February 1. Workshop participants will meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (Feb 1, 3, and 5) from noon to 13:30 via Zoom. This is a special trial class, so spots are limited to six participants. Interested? Email to RSVP. The first six members to send an RSVP email will be enrolled and receive a confirmation email.
Workshop participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Connect during the quarantine.
  • Express yourself through writing.
  • Learn writing techniques.
  • Write, share your work, and practice giving and receiving feedback.

The workshop will take place over three days, so be sure you can attend all days. RSVPs that arrive
after the first six will be kept on a list for a possible future workshop in the order received. If your
schedule doesn’t allow you to attend but you are interested, please email to be added to the list for
a future workshop.

MEAGAN MACVIE is a writer, teacher, and communications professional from the United States. Her
2017 novel, The Ocean in My Ears, is set in her hometown in Alaska. In their starred review, Kirkus
Reviews called her novel an “unforgettable journey to adulthood” and named the book to their list of
Best Teen Historical Fiction. Meagan moved with her husband, daughter, and dog to Heeze in 2019.
Find her online at and on social media as @meaganmacvie.

There are other workshops and activities scheduled for this season... stay tuned! We will announce the events on our website or you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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