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Please fill out the Application Form and send/hand it back to the Membership Officer or any other IWCE board member. You can email the membership officer at

We cannot guarantee that the content of the application form sent online is secure on the Internet. Online applications are therefore completed and sent at the sender's risk.

Please note that by providing your personal details to the IWCE you agree that, as long as you are not confirmed as a member and as long as you do not recall your personal details or application, the IWCE uses your personal data only to assess whether you are eligible for membership of the club.

If you have any questions, or if you first wish to join us as a guest, please contact the Membership Officer at

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IWCE Membership Application Form


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Soon after receiving your application, the Membership Officer will let you know by email if you are eligible as a member of the IWCE. If you are eligible, you will be invited to pay the membership fees, thereby confirming membership of the IWCE.

Membership Fees

Fees are €50 for new members for the first year (includes a one-time New Member Application Fee of € 5). The financial year runs from September.1 to August 31. A reduced fee of €35 applies if you join as a new member after February 15 (€30 + New Member fee of €5). The renewal fee is €45 per year.

Please note the Photo Clause

Photographs and/or videos may be taken at IWCE-related events, including member meetings, special events and Special Interest Group activities (SIGs). These photographs and/or videos may be displayed or used in IWCE publications and communications (whether digital or print), such as the IWCE newsletter, website, Facebook page, in the handbook, or during meetings, etc. If you do not want photos or videos of you to be used by IWCE, when and where practicable you should avoid posing during known photographic moments; while we will take reasonable measures to honour requests for non-use, we cannot make any guarantees.

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