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Lunchpauze Concert Group


If you enjoy listening to the universal language of music, Lunchpauze Concert Group could be just the thing for you! The group started out small and enthusiastic and it gradually grew until becoming the Club's newest SIG by the end of 2016.


Anna Nigro, Ann Weijts-Ricketts, Rosina Giudicissi and Ine Pak are the organisers of this new SIG that meets Thursdays (except for the 3rd Thursday of the month) for a concert at lunch break time in the Muziekgebouw. Members often stay for lunch or a drink after the concert.


The group will meet at the Muziekgebouw at 11:45 by the ticket booth in order to get seats together. The cost for the concerts is 2 euros. For more information please email one of the founding ladies and stay well-tuned for more details in the Newsletters and on IWCE's Facebook page.*


Anna Nigro (Italy, pictured left)

06 1205 5681


Rosina Giudicissi (France)

06 3197 5744


Ine Pak (Korea)


06 2522 26 00

Ann Weijts-Ricketts (UK)


040 241 0092

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