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The IWCE began as the How-Do-You-Do? Club in 1967/1968, thanks to Margaret van Mourik (USA). Margaret invited international ladies to her home for coffee and piano concerts. Below you can find Margaret's letter with her personal memories about how it began, some of the first Newsletters, as well as a newspaper article —from Eindhovens Dagblad— on the Club's 40th birthday in 2007.


As member numbers grew, a more formal Club organisation developed. Longstanding member Audrey remembers: "The biggest change I experienced was the change of venue for our meetings. From the homes of members to a room in a restaurant meant that there was less of a family atmosphere." Audrey recalls that day trips were organised as they are now, but also longer trips such as skiing in Salzburg and going to the Loire Valley. "There was an American member who was very good at organising it. American ladies formed the majority of members then, followed by women from the UK, Germany and Spain."


Thanks to Arianna Luciani-Patti, we now know how a few ladies meeting at a hairdressers’ in Eindhoven grew the How-Do-You-Do? Club into the International Women’s Club Eindhoven. Arianna pieced together the many stories of the women who donated their time to help enhance friendship between international newcomers to the Eindhoven region. As a Handbook and Newsletter editor from 2013 until 2015, she added the History chapter to the IWCE Handbook. This chapter serves as an important and useful reminder of the IWCE’s growth, accomplishments, and relevance within both Eindhoven’s and the expatriate community. Members can read the chapter in the Members Only section.

Thank you Arianna for all your hard work!

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