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The Christmas Raffle has proven popular among members. Most prizes are donated by participants of the IWCE Winter Market.

While the IWCE as an organisation provides activities and support to its members, it also gives back to the wider community. Fundraising efforts, such as bake sales, raffles and the annual Winter Market, enable us to make donations.

Once a year, members are invited to nominate their chosen organisation to be voted the IWCE's charity of that year. Voting takes place at the Annual General Meeting, usually in June. Also, we invite guest speakers from various charitable organisations to present themselves and inform us about their goals and the ways members can give support.

Annual Charity Donation 2016-17 for NEOS

NEOS, a foundation helping victims of domestic violence, won this year's annual donation of €500,-. Representatives from this foundation came as our guest speakers in the autumn of 2016 —pictured here with IWCE's vice president Simona.

IWCE members had also suggested Inloophuis De Eik in Eindhoven, Deda Learning Centre in Ethiopia and Josephat Torner Foundation Europe.

Members can read more on the nominated charities in the June newsletter.

The team of Inloophuis De Eik ('The Oak') were very happy to receive the IWCE's donation of €336 proceeding from the Christmas Luncheon Raffle in 2016.

'De Eik' receives proceeds of IWCE's Christmas Raffle 2016

IWCE member Andrea is an enthusiastic volunteer at 'Inloophuis De Eik' for the past five years. She is very happy that the IWCE supported this unique open house in Eindhoven with a donation.

'“I am delighted that the IWCE decided to give a cheque to The Eik; they deserve it and can really use the money!"

The 'Eik' ('The Oak') is an 'Inloophuis' or open house for persons with cancer, a place where they can come and have coffee and a chat or participate in many of the group activities such as painting, swimming , yoga and tai-chi, to name but a few. The house is situated on the lovely estate 'Eikenburg', just off the Aalsterweg in Eindhoven. 

Andrea: "As a volunteer I thoroughly enjoy welcoming our 'guests' (as the persons are called). There are many volunteers working there, who, just like me, love the camaraderie and friendly atmosphere. 

While our guests enjoy their yoga/workshops etc, they enjoy the company of other guests and close friendships are formed while supporting each other through the challenges they face with their illness. These activities are filled with the occasional tear but mostly a lot of laughter! 

As the Eik is only marginally funded by the local municipality, it is very dependent upon sponsors and donations for its continuance! 

Thanks again IWCE for the donation!”

Stichting Hulphond —service dogs for disabled people— voted IWCE Charity of the Year 2015-16

At its Annual General Meeting of June 2016  the IWCE's general membership voted Stichting Hulphond Nederland as it's favourite organisation to receive our annual donation of €500. The  other two nominees suggested by members were: The Deda Learning centre (ISOB Foundation—Deda Learning Centre), and the endparalysis foundation (

The Stichting Hulphond Nederland helps people with physical or mental needs through the use of a service dog. The organisation offers service dogs as assistants to those with diseases, behavioural disorders, or learning problems that require additional help and supervision, in the Netherlands.

Earlier in the 2015-16 Club year the IWCE and the Stichting met during a members meeting in Son.  Diny —pictured here with a service dog— and staff member / dogtrainer Hans enlightened us about the wonderful companionship between people with special needs and the dogs assisting them with many daily tasks.

Kledingbank Eindhoven: at the Heart of the Community!

Emily Zwartkruis, founder of Stichting Kledingbank Eindhoven — here pictured in the centre— received last year's annual IWCE donation from former Treasurer Linda (right) in July 2015. The Kledingbank is a non-profit organisation that provides gently used clothing in excellent condition for people who truly need help.

Later that year Emily was the IWCE's guest speaker. She enlightened us about the way she and some fourty volunteers run the Kledingbank organisation. At the meeting Kledingbank 'ambassador' Marja (left) initiated the plan that IWCE members can bring their gently used clothes in excellent condition to the meetings in Son, to be taken to the Kledingbank by Marja.



Stichting Hulphond Nederland

Stichting Kledingbank Eindhoven

Offers trained service dogs to assist disabled people 

Provides gently used clothing in excellent condition for people who are truly in need of help

Ronald McDonald Huis— Veldhoven—

Supports parents of severely ill children


Project Nepal

Supports education and health care of Nepalese children


Mappa Mondo—Waalre

Provides care for terminally ill children


Blijf van m'n Lijf —part of NEOS—

Helps women who are the victims of domestic violence

Organisations supported by IWCE over the past years


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