News and Events

News and Events


Sunday 11th of June: IWCE represented at "i am not a tourist" Expat Fair and International Fair, Vestdijk, Eindhoven—

Thursday 15th of June 2017: AGM, Election of Board Members and Summer Luncheon

Thanks for your vote! IWCE earned a donation through the Rabobank Clubkas Campaign

Last April Rabobank Eindhoven-Veldhoven organised a sponsorship campaign - the Rabobank Clubkas Campagne - where some of their profits will be donated to local clubs and associations to help them fund future projects and activities. The IWCE has been approved as an eligible club for this campaign and got voted to receive a small donation for our 'Clubkas'!


The donation that the IWCE receives from this campaign will go towards helping us celebrate the club's 50th anniversary in 2017/18.



If you are interested in a position on the IWCE Board 2017-18, please send an email with a short CV and your motivation to the club email address before May 16th, 2017. You can also become a candidate by obtaining 16 signatures (10%) of current IWCE members and delivering them to the Board in advance. 


The position of Secretary (along with President and Treasurer) must be filled for the club to operate. 



Responsible for maintaining the official records of the club (including KVK). 

Have a good working knowledge of Constitution and Bylaws’. 

Responsible for email communication with club members. 

Responsible for incoming emails -answering or delegating to other Board members. 

Maintains Member Email Contact list in association with the Membership Coordinator and the Treasurer. 

Takes and writes official minutes for monthly Board meetings. 

Takes and writes official minutes for annual AGM and EGM meetings. 

Maintains and Updates Club Binder and Dropbox (as necessary). 

Drafts Agendas in coordination with the President and the Newsletter Editor. 

Works with the Newsletter Editor on announcements, invitations and other club business. 

Proof-reads the Handbook prior to publication and Newsletter as required. 

Administrator for Facebook.

Knowledge of Microsoft Office. 

Excellent English skills both writing and speaking. -knowledge of Dutch an asset but not necessary. 


Newsletter Editor 

Manages the production and distribution of the monthly newsletter to a specific deadline. 

Ensures that issues include all pertinent and timely information regarding official Club business. 

Encourages and collects written contributions from members. 

Liaises with the Secretary to ensure that the Newsletter has as up-to-date membership list for mailings. 

Liaises with the Treasurer regarding payments for Newsletter and Handbook advertisements. 

Liaises with the Webmaster to keep information up to date on the web-page. 

Manages/writes and proof-reads the production and distribution of the yearly Handbook to a specific deadline. 

Manages the agenda and presentations for the monthly members meeting in co-operation with the Secretary.

Knowledge of Microsoft Office (including Power Point, Word and Publisher). 

Excellent English skills both speaking and writing. 



In cooperation with the board and the newsletter editor, coordinates and maintains the club website. 

Ensures that there is accurate and updated information regarding official club business. 

Maintains and updates the security and passwords for the website. 


Membership Officer 

Maintains and co-ordinates with the Treasurer and the Secretary the membership list by keeping it accurate

and up to date. 

Carries out enrolment procedure for new members and the re-enrolment of continuing members. 

Reviews and approves applications for membership and announces at the Board Meetings. 

Distributes and organizes the welcome packages for new members. 

Greets members at the sign in table at the monthly meeting in co-ordination with the Hospitality Officer. 

Knowledge of Microsoft Excel. 


Special Activities Officer 

Ensures as far as possible that a suitable range of activities is available. 

Gives assistance to Special Interest Group Leaders when required. 

Tries to find a replacement for any Special Interest Group Leader who decides to discontinue in her role. 

Once a year conducts a survey of existing members. Areas of feedback could include members’ thoughts on: 

the current venue; the current meeting format; suggestions for possible speakers for future meetings; 

suggestions for possible special interest groups. 



In June, we will once again be having elections to fulfill five board positions that will be up for nomination. All members are welcome to apply for any position. 

For more information about these positions, you can read their descriptions below or please speak to one of the current board members. 


Please note that, pursuant to the IWCE Constitution and Bylaws, this position is for a two-year term beginning in September of 2017.

You must be available for most monthly Board meetings during the club year. 


Board Positions and Elections –June 2017:

Thank you for considering to give some time back to the Club to keep it flourishing!

Holiday Luncheon in Christmas atmosphere at Hotel De Sonnerie in Son en Breugel on 15 December 2016

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