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Aside from our monthly general meetings, IWCE members are welcome to join Special Interest Groups (SIGs) — one of our most attractive features. These groups meet during the day or evening to share their interests and passions. Our SIGs range widely from Choir to Film Group, Bridge to Italian Conversation, Gourmet Club to the Cycling Group, and so on.*

The IWCE offers other activities as well such as the popular Explore Eindhoven and Beyond (EEB) group, which organises outings during the evenings and in weekends for members and their immediate family members. Children are sometimes welcome too.

The SIGs are the core of the IWCE. Below is a short description of each of our nineteen current SIGs.

IWCE members are welcome to join the SIGs throughout the season.

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The IWCE also introduces its members to unaffiliated groups such as the Culture Club and La Place.


The Culture Club consists of IWCE members as well as non-members. The Culture Club explores cultural sites near Eindhoven or elsewhere in the Netherlands, and easy distances to Belgium and Germany. Active membership is required. Members take turns organising outings.


La Place Lunch is a casual gathering where all are welcome to catch up over some tasty food or a drink. The group meets on the 2nd Friday of the month usually at La Place in the Piazza (Piazza 62, 5611 AE Eindhoven) from 12-15h.

Unofficial Groups open to IWCE members: Culture Club and La Place

Special Interest Groups

Baby - Toddlers Play

For mothers with babies and toddlers. This group meets twice per month. The group also organises nights out and family events.

Thursdays (AM - Lunch).

Centrum Coffee Morning

We meet in the city centre for a drink and good company. Monthly on a Wednesday (AM).

Cycling —of fietsen!

Hop on your bike and discover the Dutch tradition of fietsen!

We ride throughout the region and share a drink afterwards. 2nd and 4th Mondays, March—October (PM).


Film Group

Once per month, this group watches the latest movies on Tuesdays (PM).

Book Club

Meetings are once per month on a Wednesday evening for those who love reading and are in for a lively debat (PM).



Offers both fun and the feeling of achievement when the songs come together. You do not need experience to join. Every Thursday except the 3rd Thursday (AM).

Dutch Conversation

This group gives you a chance to practice your Dutch language skills in a friendly atmosphere lead by a professional teacher (AM).


French / Spanish Conversation

joins together two Latin languages in one group. It is for those who would like to practice their French and / or their Spanish and focus on a specific language on its dedicated day: 2nd Tuesday is Spanish; 4th Tuesday is French (PM).

Bridge and Bridge Lessons

Join this group if you enjoy fun and competitive card games. For those who wish to learn the game or refresh their experience, there are free Bridge lessons as well. Mondays (advanced and moderate) and Tuesdays (beginners) (AM).

Crafts for Moms

This new group is for mothers and grandmothers alike (no kids) who are looking to learn a few new crafts to teach their little ones. 3rd Monday (AM).

English Conversation

A discussion group for non-native English speakers who wish to improve or feel more comfortable in their command of the Club's main language. 1st and 3rd Fridays (AM).

Gourmet Club

A group of members and their spouses / partners meet to enjoy the menu of the month. 1st Saturday (7 PM).


Want to learn a new skill in a short time in a relaxing atmosphere? The Handicrafts group offers contemporary craft workshops with a social 'twist'. 3rd Monday (AM).

Lunchpauze Concert Group

Enjoy good classical music every Thursday (except the 3rd)

lunchtime at the Muziekgebouw. Concert tickets are 2€.


Italian Conversation

For everyone who enjoys speaking Italian and likes Italian culture. Broaden your vocabulary and build confidence! 2nd and 4th Mondays (AM).



Start your day with a walk in the fresh air! With the Walking Group, you discover nature in and around town. Most walks are dog friendly.

2nd Friday (AM)

Latin Experience

Get in contact with the Latin soul while learning Latin dances and their corresponding cultural backgrounds. 2nd and 4th Fridays (Evening).

Wellness & Beauty

Spend some time on recharging and relaxing your body and mind. Wellness group members share advice and tips on balancing life's daily stresses. 3rd Tuesday (AM).


Currently the members seek a new qualified instructor to be able to continue this group.

*Members can find details and changes of the SIGs in the monthly newsletter.

Members take part in any of the IWCE’s activities at their own risk. The IWCE does not accept liability for any form of damage, injury, or loss sustained during or in connection with the activities.

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